ChessZebra Developers

We've got something to share.

Guidelines ChessZebra follows

We follow strict guidelines while developing ChessZebra. We've made these guidelines open so you can benefit from them. These guidelines help us proving that the quality we want for our applications actually exists.

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Design System of ChessZebra

Our design system is called Zebrux. We've made Zebrux publicly available. Zebrux is made to align all developers, internal and external. The goal of Zebrux is to make ChessZebra feel consistent to its end users.

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API reference

ChessZebra offers an API which can be used to interact with the system. As a developer you can create applications from your account which can be used to authenticate against. This way you always have access to your games and flashcards.

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Open Source Software

ChessZebra wouldn't be here without the extensive usage of (Free) Open Source Software. That's why we return the favor. We made many applications and libraries that we open sourced so that you can extend on our work.